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Igor Janke - Forward


Igor Janke

The story of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Aeramentum kiadó, 2015
332 oldal, Kemény kötésű fűzött B5 méret
ISBN 9786155475108
Státusz: Készleten
Szállítás: 1 munkanap
Átvétel: Azonnal
Bolti ár: 5 800 Ft
Megtakarítás: 32%
Online ár: 3 995 Ft
In Poland it was an unparalleled success before soon becoming a 2013 bestseller in Hungary and later being translated into German; now it can be purchased in English too. Experienced journalist Igor Janke has written his biography of Viktor Orbán in a light and engaging but believable, professional and discerning style, having spoken with Orbán’s contemporaries, fellow Fidesz party members, colleagues, opponents and the Prime Minister himself. He has familiarised himself with the most important available documents as well as the current head of government’s speeches and the words of Orbán’s critics so that, despite his position as an outsider, Janke manages to cover all the important details in drawing a portrait of “one of Europe’s most interesting politicians”, as several correspondents have referred to Viktor Orbán, the subjects of this work.

• How was the new political elite organised in his university hall of residence?
• What did ailing Prime Minister József Antall say to Orbán on his deathbed?
• How did this liberal politician become a Christian democrat?
• How did Fidesz build up its own media empire?
• Is Orbán’s battle hopeless or will it be successful in Europe too?
• How many times has Orbán watched his favourite western film?
• What did Orbán say to Michel Platini about football and politics?

This book gives the answers to all these questions and more!

A quote from the preface of the Hungarian edition:
“ The work of Igor Janke, the polish, conservative journalist is more thorough, impartial, informative and simply better than any of the other biographies of Viktor Orbán which have been published in Hungary until now. The
writer is not tied by his own personal interests, domestic politics and public affiliations. Those who see in the
Hungarian Prime Minister an often ruthless and cold-blooded chess player of power techniques can feel their opinions are justified, but those who see in Viktor Orbán an especially talented achiever, a politician fully aware of European affairs who is committed to Christian and national interests, will also not be disappointed.”


Examples of comments and literary criticism on the book:
A biography of one of the most interesting politicians of the present day
Jan Pospieszalski (Gazeta Polska Codziennie)

A captivating book; just like a political thriller
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

What really interests Janke are the manoeuvres for political power, the campaigns and the processes of building an organisation and he scrutinises with gusto the shrewd ploys and well-constructed political slogans

You can’t argue with this biography
Krzysztof Varga (Gazeta Wyborcza)

The tale of a boy who left his house at the end of the village and worked his way right to the top

This book demonstrates just how difficult and complex Orbán’s journey to power has been
Grzegorz Wszołek (

A flowing, linear story which we recommend to everyone
Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung

The story of the firm, sometimes-cynical politician, the father of five who today attracts the attention of the whole of Europe

The book provides a fascinating insight into the last twenty years in Hungary
Klein Zeitung


Igor Janke Born in 1967, Igor Janke is a Polish journalist and publicist. He is currently president of independent think tank Institute for Liberty (Instytut Wolności) and head of the political blog portal Salon24. pl, having earlier worked as chief editor of the Polish news agency PAP, comment section editor for the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita and as a staff member at the BBC’s Polish Section. He has been responsible for hundreds of reports, analyses and interviews including a live broadcast with US President Barack Obama. His biography of Viktor Orbán has achieved unparalleled success in Poland. A weboldalon található termékleírások - a hivatalos kiadói ajánlások kivételével - a Magyar Menedék Könyvesház kizárólagos szellemi tulajdonát képezik (1999. évi LXXVI. törvény), így ezeknek a részleges vagy teljes utánközlése bármely más digitális vagy nyomtatott formában a Magyar Menedék MMK Kft. előzetes írásbeli hozzájárulása nélkül tilos.
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